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Starting Today, You Can  improve your Brain, Liver, Immune System and Discover the Healing Strategies, Foods and Recipes to Burn Fat, Reduce Inflammation and Thrive in Life!
The retail value of this bundle is $249, and it’s worth every penny since it can easily save you over $5000 worth of private health coaching if you apply what you will learn.

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Here Is What You Will Get

The Brain Regeneration Guide

This image-rich, 42 page, researched-based guide can be read through in less than 1 hour and will show you the best strategies and protocols to regain control of your mood, memory and long-term brain health.

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The Groundbreaking Science of Neurogenesis
  • ​Neuroplasticity and How to Rewire Your Brain
  • ​The Best Foods and Herbs for Brain Health
  • ​The Importance of the Gut-Brain Axis
  • ​How To Stimulate Brain Cell Autophagy
  • ​Regain Control of Your Mood, Memory and Brain Health
I can assure you that you will know the very best strategies to take care of your brain for a lifetime after reading this!

Cleanse Your Liver Now: 7 Day Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush

Learn the best strategies and protocols to cleanse and heal a toxic and sluggish liver and improve your digestion, energy and fat burning in this image rich, 102-page, research-based guide.

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • How to Apply the Liver Health Nutrition Plan
  • ​Lab Testing and Home Testing Strategies for Liver Health
  • ​Fatty Liver Disease – Root Causes and Support Strategies
  • ​Top 15 Herbs to Support Liver and Gallbladder Health
  • ​How to Follow The 7 Day Liver Cleanse
  • ​The Gallstone Flush:  To Clear Out the Bile Ducts
I can assure you that you will know the very best strategies to take care of your liver for a lifetime after reading this!

The Inflammation Solution Manual

If you are feeling mentally sluggish and dealing with chronic pain, have uncomfortable skin issues or weight that you just can’t lose, the root cause is chronic inflammation!  This guide is designed to help you understand the root cause factors involved in chronic inflammation and how to improve your inflammatory process.

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • 8 Major Factors That Cause Chronic Inflammation
  • ​Top 5 Lab Tests to Analyze Inflammation in Your Body
  • ​Top 12 Strategies to Reduce Inflammation Naturally
  • ​Key Nutrients Your Body Needs to Keep Inflammation Under       Control
  • ​Top 4 Herbs That Crush Inflammation in Your Body
I can assure you that you will know the very best strategies to reduce inflammation and improve your quality of life after reading this!

Autoimmune Diet and Recipe Guide

Discover the top 12 autoimmune paleo diet approved foods that reduce inflammation in the body and 20 great tasting autoimmune approved recipes with beautiful images and macronutrient breakdown.  These recipes are full of powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients to support your healing process.

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The 7 Root Causes of Autoimmunity and Chronic Inflammation
  • ​Why Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome is SO Important
  • ​The Most Common Food Sensitivities to Avoid
  • ​Top 12 Foods to Eat to Reduce Inflammation
  • ​Key Herbal Compounds and Teas to Improve Immune Health
  • ​Top 20 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Burn Fat & Heal Your Body
I can assure you that you will know the very best strategies to take care of your body for a lifetime after reading this!

Inflammation Crushing Smoothie Guide

These anti-inflammatory smoothies are loaded with very powerful antioxidants, electrolytes, and trace minerals. These smoothies have no added sugar yet tastes sweet due to the great natural sweeteners.

These tasty superstar smoothies can and should be consumed by everyone young and old throughout the day. They have powerful detoxifying abilities and have an alkalizing effect after the ingredients have been digested due to the extraordinary number of antioxidants that are highly bioavailable in this drink form.

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • 15 Tasty Smoothies You Can Make in Minutes
  • ​7 Amazing Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods To Use
  • ​My Top Clean, Anti-Inflammatory Protein Powders
  • ​#1 Anti-Inflammatory Herb to Use Daily!
Gain immediate access to some amazing smoothie recipes to add to your healing protocols!

30 Cancer Fighting Foods

This book is designed to help you understand the benefits of 30 great cancer fighting foods and the best strategies to maximize their benefits.  These foods and herbs will help you strengthen your immune system, enhance cellular detoxification and improve your fight against chronic disease. 

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The Number #1 Food Source of The Anti-Cancer Compound Sulfurophane
  • ​The Food with the Most Gut Healing Short Chain Fatty Acid:  Butyric Acid
  • ​Top Nutritional Source of Chlorophyll for Tissue Cleansing and Oxygenation
  • ​The Oddly Shaped Asian Mushroom That Raises Intracellular     Antioxidants and Improves Mitochondrial Function!
  • ​The Secret Nutrients in Fermented Foods and 10 Best Ways to Consume Them!
I can assure you that you will know the very best foods and herbs to be consuming to strengthen your cellular security guards and protect against the formation of cancer and chronic disease!

The Complete Neurotransmitter Optimization Guide

Many individuals spend their lives with less than adequate neurotransmitter production, causing them to settle for mediocrity in their lives. They may have mood swings, feel overly emotional, deal with brain fog and poor memory or lack motivation to do the things they need to do.
This book is designed with a quiz to help you understand specific areas in your brain that need support and the best protocols to balance your neurotransmitters and thrive in life.  

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The Neurotransmitter Questionnaire to Pinpoint Areas of Weakness
  • ​The Serotonin Strengthening Program for Mood & Relaxation
  • ​The Dopamine Strengthening Program for Focus & Mental Drive
  • ​The Acetylcholine Strengthening Program for Memory Enhancement
  • ​Key Strategies to support GABA, Endorphins, Mood, Memory and Cognition!
Take back control of your mood, memory and mindset with this targeted guide to neurotransmitter optimization!

True Immunity: Developing Natural Resilience to Thrive

Your immune system is a complex system that protects you from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. It is a complex system that’s essential for your health and survival. Optimal immune support is always important for your health. As we face more stressful experiences it is even more important to strengthen your body with good immune support strategies.
In this book, you will discover how to activate and optimize the mechanism of autophagy, which is essential for the self-healing and self-regulating processes of the body.  Reading through and applying this information will make a huge difference in your life and save you from the unnecessary suffering that is plaguing mankind!

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The Germ Theory vs The Terrain Theory of Health and Disease
  • ​Top 5 Lifestyle Activities That Cripple the Immune System
  • ​How a Fever Actually BENEFITS Your Health
  • ​Top 8 Foods and 7 Drinks That Balance and Tone the Immune System
  • ​Top 12 Immune System Modulating Nutrients to Build Resilience!

Activating Autophagy Ebook

In this image-rich, 59-page, research-based guide you will discover the key strategies to unlock your body’s innate ability to heal and repair itself.  You will learn about advanced nutrition principles, herbs and lifestyle strategies to drive up autophagy and deep cellular healing.  In this guide, you will learn the following:  

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The Groundbreaking Science of Autophagy
  • ​Top 7 Herbs to Enhance Cellular Healing
  • ​The Top Nutritional Strategies to Stimulate Deep Cellular Healing
  • ​Best Way to Exercise to Stimulate Autophagy
This Eguide will show you how to unlock the secret science of autophagy within your body so you can heal and repair the way you were designed!

Keto Quickstart Guide

This guide is designed to give you a quick overview of the keto diet and actionable steps to take so you can get started today!  It is 13 pages long, full of graphics to help you understand the concepts and strategies and you can read it in less than 10-15 minutes!

Here is What You Will Discover:
  • The Research Based Health Benefits of Ketones
  • ​Top 5 Mistakes People Make on the Keto Diet
  • ​Best Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet & How Much Protein to Consume
  • ​5:2 Rule for Optimizing Fats and Electrolytes on Keto
  • ​Feast Famine Diet Variation for Optimal Hormone Balance

This Bundle is Perfect For You If

  • You Want to Reduce Pain and Inflammation in Your Body!
  • ​ Are Looking for Powerful Inflammation Crushing Recipes!
  • ​Want to Improve Your Mood, Memory and Cognitive Processing Speed!
  • ​Are Looking to Cleanse your Liver and Detox Your Body!
  • ​Want to Burn Fat for Fuel, Lose Weight and Feel Your Best!
  • ​Are Looking to Develop Immune Resilience to Viruses and Other Pathogens!
  • ​Or you’re simply curious about committing to a healthier, more fulfilling life!
The retail value of this bundle is $249, and it’s worth every penny since it can easily save you over $5000 worth of private health coaching if you apply what you will learn.

But as a Thank-You for Joining Our Online Community Today, You Can Unlock Instant Access to this 10-Book Bundle For Just $12.

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